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By Trevor Andrews
Just enough time left for a remit! What's your opinion on this one?

Remit that:
Set & Medley judges shall complete each band's scoresheet immediately after the band has performed and their scoresheets shall be collected for delivery to the recording staff before the next band commences its performance.

Explanation: Currently judges hold their scoresheets until the end of the event enabling them to review their rankings before the scoresheets go to the recording staff. Obviously this practice is a major contributor to the lengthy delays which occur before the announcement of results, particularly for the grades with larger numbers, ie grades 3, 4a and 4b. If we are to maintain the interest of the public (and minimize the nail-biting of the participants) we need to have the results out as soon after the event as possible.
Adoption of this remit would materially lessen the delay and also bring our procedure into line with RSPBA contests, including the Worlds.
By titch
While this is great idea, there are kinks to iron out, like a judge isn't really in a position to rank bands until the last band has finished (unless there is pre-judging we don't know about). I say bring back points, that way the judge can hand the score sheets over to the master maker as there is no need to rank a band. With todays technology can't see why the score sheets can't then be uploaded to the master score sheet within minutes of a band finishing. That way lengthy delays should then not ocurr.
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By Alastair Pratt
With respect Trevor, I dont see how this can be practical. In an event with say 10 bands, one cant rank the first band 8th until at least 8 bands have performed and one cant rank the first band 1st without hearing the next 9 to perform!


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By George
I Think (hope) Trevour meant report sheets, not scoresheets
Report sheets would be in line with the RSPBA.

Relying on judges to keep there own "cheat sheet" as such on how each band was to provide a final ranking at the end.
By Trevor Andrews
Thanks for your comments guys. I now have to confess to having had an ulterior motive in putting out the remit which, I have to admit, I never intended to take further. My motive was to find out the procedure by which judges award their placings (rankings) at RSPBA-run contests, including the Worlds. I had been told by 2 international judges that judging sheets (aka crit sheets/scoresheets) are taken away after each performance and was left with the impression that the judges have to decide their placings before those sheets are handed in. This seemed completely ludicrous (as you all pointed out) but I was getting nowhere trying to get answers. Hence the remit idea...sorry guys. However, thanks to George's comment I climbed out of my thinking rut and found that the answer was under my nose, online in the RSPBA rules.
Rule 4.59: A period of time not exceeding 10 minutes shall be allowed at the end of each grade for each adjudicator to finalize his/her placings.
As a matter of interest, the preceding rules are: 4.57: Each adjudicator will be provided with critique sheets, suitably printed, for the allocation of placings and remarks at Major Championships and all other competitions.....
4.58: The critique sheets shall be completed in duplicate and passed to the Company Representative at the end of each performance before the next band begins.

I guess the lesson for me is: Impressions are not necessarily factual and need to be queried.
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