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By George
Just some simple guidlines for the Buying and selling of items.
Remember Buyer Beware!

Please, state a price. Even if you dont know how much it is worth, just give it a rough price. If its right, you'll make a sale. If its too high, you'll get haggled down. Also indicate the conditions of postage and packaging: Inclusive, Exclusive (buyer pays extra) or Buyer Picks Up.

If you have a question of the seller, either post it in the thread, or use the PM system. If you disagree with something the seller has done, DO NOT make a public flame war about it. Make use of the PM system.
Flame wars and public bitching is not acceptable behaviour.

No running of auctions, to accept "offers" on the pretence of accepting the highest bidder is to ask for trouble, please state the expected amount for your goods and negotiate privately with those interested parties as to the final buy price.

Buyers: Remember that there is a level of trust involved. Be warned that in the end, we accept no liability for any loss or damages, monetary, emotional or otherwise.

To help keep things tidy and easy to follow, please put one of the following in your thread title: "FS:" (denotes "for sale"), "WTD:" (denotes "wanted") or "WTB:" (denotes "want to buy")

NZ Piping and Pipeband Forums, and the moderators of this online community, take absolutely NO responsibility for any trading that goes bad. We have done our utmost to protect you in our BSE, but that does not guarantee you any form of reliable e-trading whatsoever.

Above all, keep it clean, and enjoy the good deals.

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