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By pgfield
In Jim McGillivray's recent article on pipesdrums, "Enjoying the pleasures of pipes past" he says when discussing the care of pipes that, "A case humidifier is a must." He suggests the Oasis brand of humidifier. I have just purchased a Planet Waves LARGE INSTRUMENT HUMIDIFIER and their HUMIDITY & TEMPERATURE SENSOR as an experiment really.
I have not heard of anyone using a humidifier for pipes before, but a little bit of research uncovers that they are widely used for guitars, cellos, violins and the like as a precaution in avoiding cracks or warping of the wood.
I would be interested in any thoughts, insights or experiences anyone has had with the use of humidifiers.
Does anybody use them?
By bram
Interesting - I haven't used one myself, nor when i was playing violin. Regular playing, storing pipes sensibly (case closed, not in attics, not in the sun, or near heaters or in car boots), and proper maintenance (drying bores after playing) seem the best approaches. Unless you are in an area with very dry summers (like Perth?) or very cold winters (ie, low humidity), I wouldn't think it's much of a problem. Ambient humidity in most NZ homes should be fine. But maybe some of the folks in Canterbury/Otago/Southland have another take? Pipes which are left upplayed for long periods will dry out and often crack - but the best solution to that is not to leave them unplayed for years :D Re Jim's article, a lot of the pipes he deals with are ebony which is less robust than blackwood and more prone to cracking through moisture changes.
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