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By JamesP
Recently I changed from a hide bag to a Bannatyne synthetic bag and canister moister control system. I have played a few synthetic bags with their brand moister control on my pipes over the years and it would be unfair to same that the following is a Bannatyne thing. But changing back to a synthetic system reminded me of an issue I've had in the past with canister systems that seems to remain.

Before I changed over, my chanter reed had a wonderful croak on high A. When fitted with the canister systems AND having the chanter tube attached (from chanter stock to the canister) the reed produces an awful croaking noise on high A.

In the past I have just removed the chanter tube which fixed the issue completely. However this removes any real control that might of existed to the chanter (neglecting anything that may be achieved at the blow pipe tube).

Is anyone aware of the real science behind what is happening here?
How have others overcome this issue?

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By Liam Kernaghan
I think what you'll find is that the ringing sound you get on the HA from a hide bag is from the moisture. The top hand of the chanter is always much more resonant with a hide bag, and it's a shame the top hands on synthetic bags tend to take a lot more effort to get that ring.

Your chanter will have sharpened on the top hand and as a result you'll have a top hand which is doing what you describe. The ring on the HA can be achieved with the synthetic bag as well, but it does take a bit more effort. What you can do is take the chanter tube out and put in a spit trap (like you would have had in the hide bag). It works quite well because you still have a bit of moisture flowing around and you avoid the moisture dripping onto the chanter reed (as it would without the spit trap).

We tried it in the band, and I have it going for solos and I have experienced (I think) better tone than I would have with the chanter tube on.
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